Do Doppelgangers Exist?

You quite look alike my cousin brother, you resemble my Aunt, he has spitting image of so and so actor.

How many times it is heard in our vicinity, or read over the internet, where it suggests that the doppelganger of someone was spotted on the other side of the globe.


No, I am not talking about the twins, here, but my sole interest today is extracted to Doppelgangers today...
This is obviously not an uncommon situation, discussed here, but somewhere in our life, we all have heard or read about the doppelgangers or the look-alikes in a more common vernacular.

As per a scientific research suggests each of us have around 7 look-alikes across the globe.

WHAT??? Can't believe your eyes?

Well, I too couldn't, but this is very much possible and Yes, you heard me right, that somewhere in your city, country or a distant place on the wide spectrum of the globe.

How enticing it sounds?

But how would I get to know where are my doppelgangers and how similar do we look alike?

Do I need to turn nomad in the quest? Or how about Social-media sharing? Both the options have a naive approach to deal with this issue, since it would not just be time-consuming, also, there is no guarantee that you would not be sent across the photo shopped images...PHEW...alas!! No solution!

Hey wait and stop, because there is a solution !


Well, technology has already fast-paced our imagination wagon and the mobile apps have emerged as our savior and have led a way for us to achieve what had been impossible for us in the past.

But how come a mobile app and doppelganger get in sync?

Confusing... right????

There is much more to be unfolded with my upcoming blog... just stay tuned to this space and unleash the mystery of an app with a doppelganger... who might be living ocean\'s distance away from you...

Posted By: Twinzy



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