How To Spot Your Look-Alike?

Last evening while enjoying an official group chat, finally someone spoilt the taste by posting a pic, with a caption- ‘Brother from another mother’ and the interesting topic was funneled down to an entirely different segment.

The segment was, ‘Hey you two are quite common in many traits and yada, yada and yada’.

Such stuff is quite common to be heard on the internet and the social media channels, which directly hits out at the similarity of habits and attitude.

But not the looks…right?

Can two people absolutely with no blood relation either close or far-off, look alike?

I don’t think so it is possible, it is just fictional and has no factual information about it…

Wait, wait, wait, but one of my friends quite look similar to John Travolta and their ethnicity is opposite and with no relation.

Then it means Doppelgangers do really exist?

Yes, they do and this is what I discussed in my last blog piece too.

The most amusing fact suggests that there are 7 people who are your look-alikes, exist somewhere in the globe.

But how is it even possible for us to know where is our twin in looks?

It is an issue, and believe me we all would to meet or at least find our doppelganger, and luckily the gap of countries and oceans is reduced to an axis point, through one of the most accessible modes and that is nothing but a Mobile App to access the info about your look-alike.

Which app? What is the name? Where can I download? What are the features?

Many questions….but to grab the answer….

Keep watching this space for the further mystery to be unleashed herewith….


Posted By: Twinzy



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