Celebrate Christmas With Your Doppelganger

So finally Christmas is here and the smell of freshly baked turkey and Christmas Cake with the harbinger of Santa Claus, complete the festive spirit within us and our heart does a somersault every minute to break the boundaries and enjoy it to the fullest.

To voice the need of the hour and give something special and tech-filled to all, how about entering the New Year with an Artificial Intelligence system, which can detect and identify your Look-alike in no time crossing the restrictions of oceans, continents and worth to mention the age-long distance between, through an APP.

Yes, you heard me right, finally, an interface, which can translate your ever longed-for desire to see and talk with your doppelganger, has met its destination with a unique and something OUT-OF-THE-BOX app concept….


I am feeling ecstatic, elated and every other adjective, which can translate my feeling right now, is what I am really in a mood now…

It means now I can talk, see and share my look-alike on social media channel with just one tap on my Smartphone, and it also means that I am just a few clicks away to see my doppelganger, means I can see who looks like me, but lives on a distant land, OMG OMG I am losing patience to access this app.

I think you can find yourself quite relatable to this situation???HUH???

So in order to break the ice of never-ending confusion and restlessness, we are proud to bring one of the most sizzling and different app concepts of the year


Twinzy is an app wherein you would get to meet your DOPPELGANGER; you can chat with your doppelganger and share on your social media profiles.

All this can be done with an AI integrated mobile app, which is going to be on Android and iOS platforms, to cover the broader spectrum of users across the globe.

I think nothing can be a perfect CHRISTMAS GIFT then TWINZY!!!

To keep yourself abreast with more information related to TWINZY, keep an eye on this space for more exciting updates…




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