TWINZY- A way to reach your doppelganger

“No, we are not twins, and believe me, there is no blood relation even between us,” then how you two look quite similar?

My friend who has quite fascinating features and looks quite similar to Keira Knightly is asked many times this question in public places, and every time she has to politely shun the strange reactions away.

She and Keira bear no connection with each other and they are poles apart even when it comes to their background.

But yet she looks quite similar. It is not just surprising, but unnerving as well.

Do you know even that why does it happen?

If science has to be believed then we all have our very much own 7 look-alikes present in this world, with no blood relation even.

It is indeed a tricky concept and requires much learning and research to make it happen.

But to change this tricky game into something engaging, we are proud to announce an app which is going to translate your dream of meeting your doppelganger sitting millions of miles away from you.

The app is none other than TWINZY, which has received a huge fan following much before its official launch of iOS version, whereas the Android version is already in the market and is creating a stir in the app market by receiving immense download rates.

So what TWINZY does???

Twinzy is an app, which can be downloaded and after installing the app, the user can find the doppelganger using Artificial Intelligence and this app has much more to offer to the users.

Just wait and watch for the more sizzling updates for Twinzy…

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018,

from Twinzy family to your family…JJ


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