TWINZY- Soon Going To Be On Your Smartphone

Twinzy- is a platform, where it binds the two look-alikes together, and make them connect with each other, regardless of the distance between them, where they can talk and share each other on social media profiles and let the world know about their look-alike.

The concept behind Twinzy is highly engaging and interesting, helping the users to find their doppelganger through the means of artificial intelligence- a technical advancement system.

With this concept the ever-dreamt fact of finding the doppelganger will get true and people across the globe would be able to find their look-alike in no time.

But in this fast paced world, where every aspect is handled by technology, how about getting this concept also, on the most accessible technology, which is most preferred and used by the users?

Yes, you got me right…am hinting at the mobile app for Twinzy concept…

I know many of you would be thinking that indeed a mobile app would be the great way to access this concept by millions of the users across the globe…then hold your breath the sizzling app concept of the year 2018 is going to make an entry into your Smartphone.

Twinzy has already collected a huge fan following much before its official launch on both the platforms.

The massive response received from the users’ ends is overwhelming and has made the makers behind Twinzy to make it as earliest possible get accessed by the users on the most preferred app platforms.

Although Twinzy has already made its debut on the Android platform, and sooner it will be on iOS as well.

So just keep watching this space and keep looking for the final app release information and help yourself to find your twin with just a tap on your Smartphone.


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Available in Play Store & in the App Store.