What All Fun You Can Expect Once You Meet Your Doppelganger

  • April,15 , 2018
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Life is all about Fun and it should be lived without stress…

I know it is easier said than done, but seriously when you look around you get to see so many stressful situations somersaulting around us, then you suddenly realize that ufff, it is too much to handle…

Indeed technology has made

How Two Complete Strangers Are Joined Together With An App

  • April,10 , 2018
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I know on reading the topic, you must be thinking that I am addressing to the app technology benefits and would ask you to take a look at the app technology, but trust me this not what am going to address herewith today, I have lot more to do with some new information, and want to unleash it to you

Do You Still Juggle To Find Your Look-Alike In The Museum

  • March,30 , 2018
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I remember my grandpa once told me during my childhood that he had visited a museum in Italy, and there he saw his doppelganger in one of the old portraits, and his flock of friends who accompanied him, also couldn’t trust their eyes, and as per my grandpa’s words he was surely taken aback for s

How Many People Are There In The World That Look Like You?

  • January,15 , 2018
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Long back during my school days, I saw a documentary on one of the leading channels, stating that there are 7 people in the world, who look-alike you and it triggered a feeling within me, that how is it feasible enough?

My mind argued that I could bear resonance with my cousins or any other blood

TWINZY- A way to reach your doppelganger

  • January,05 , 2018
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“No, we are not twins, and believe me, there is no blood relation even between us,” then how you two look quite similar?

My friend who has quite fascinating features and looks quite similar to Keira Knightly is asked many times this question in public places, and every time she has to politel


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