TWINZY- A way to reach your doppelganger

  • January,05 , 2018
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“No, we are not twins, and believe me, there is no blood relation even between us,” then how you two look quite similar?

My friend who has quite fascinating features and looks quite similar to Keira Knightly is asked many times this question in public places, and every time she has to politel

Celebrate Christmas With Your Doppelganger

  • December,22 , 2017
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So finally Christmas is here and the smell of freshly baked turkey and Christmas Cake with the harbinger of Santa Claus, complete the festive spirit within us and our heart does a somersault every minute to break the boundaries and enjoy it to the fullest.

To voice the need of the hour and give so

How To Spot Your Look-Alike?

  • December,22 , 2017
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Last evening while enjoying an official group chat, finally someone spoilt the taste by posting a pic, with a caption- ‘Brother from another mother’ and the interesting topic was funneled down to an entirely different segment.

The segment was, ‘Hey you two are quite common in many

Do Doppelgangers Exist?

  • December,18 , 2017
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You quite look alike my cousin brother, you resemble my Aunt, he has spitting image of so and so actor.

How many times it is heard in our vicinity, or read over the internet, where it suggests that the doppelganger of someone was spotted on the other side of the globe.



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