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Upload up to 3 portrait photos of yourself only.

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Face Matching

We use for Twinzy the newest A.I. (artificial intelligence), who analysis the photo and compare it with other users uploaded photos worldwide.

  • The algorithm checks eye, nose, mouth, pupil, eyebrows etc. to deliver great results.
  • High secured standards.
  • Hosted in Germany

Premium account

Limited offer for only 0.99€ for a year! For the premium feature you have only to pay when you have results. Enhance your journy of our app with this account and get up to 3x faster results.

Find your twins

View your matches. In the premium version you can see all of your results

Free from Add

Free of ads of course. With the premium version you support or work and costs.


Chat with your twin, find out hows your twin alternative life.

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Upload up to 7 photos.

Trust Certificate

Security is very important for us, there for we host all the data in Germany . Our servers have high security standards "Made in Germany".

Twinzy is successfully participant in the AWS Activate Program! The Amazon program provides startups with the resources they need to quickly get started. Thanks to Amazon Web Services!.


Created and Published by:
Qamar A. Hussain - Cognitive IT Services
Wiesbaden, Germany

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Available now in Play Store & App Store.